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The program is funded by a 4 percent fee the property seller or home builder pays Nehemiah. Under the proposed rule, buyers would not be able to use a gift from a nonprofit or charitable organization if the money came from the builder or seller, either directly or indirectly. The FHA has had reports of companies offering two prices for the same house — with a higher price listed for FHA-approved buyers in gift programs, Apgar said.

Rita and Donald Price say the program was the only way they were able to buy a house. Rita Price earns minimum wage as a full-time caregiver for her husband. There are other companies that offer gifts for downpayments, but Nehemiah is the largest, FHA officials said. Apgar and Harris are optimistic that a compromise can be reached that will include greater oversight of the industry.

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Apgar said FHA has started tracking the gift programs, and will eventually be able to tell which programs have higher loan default rates. Pope, who has been in her house for more than two years, said she still attends Nehemiah workshops on home improvement and gardening. They wore jackets and ties and did not speak. Frank Vazquez, 43, was out-of-town and did not attend the hearing; a warrant was issued for his arrest, prosecutor David Hollister said. None of the officers entered pleas and they were expected to be held in protective custody until a bail hearing Nov.

Vazquez and Siapno face the most serious charges of kidnapping and assaulting two men, including one who was beaten in the face, stomach, back and legs while handcuffed.


Vazquez and Mabanag later intimidated him when their supervisor asked about his injuries, according to the complaint. The officers also were accused of falsely accusing several men of possessing drugs and weapons. He said 23 mostly drug possession cases in which the officers were involved have been dismissed. He acknowledged, however, that his force faces an uphill battle restoring the public trust. He said the department will grow and learn from this incident.

The investigation began after a rookie officer who had been on duty about three weeks came forward to his superiors in early July. Additional officers and citizens also came forward during the investigation, he said. Rains said Mabanag has been with the department 10 years and has worked the same beat for four years. The burger findings, published this week in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, were the result of work by researchers at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory — where scientists design and develop nuclear weapons.

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It is a gentle balance between overcooked and just right, Knize said. Meat has to be cooked through to make sure harmful bacteria are killed, but not so well done that cancer-causing chemicals are produced. Hundreds of chemicals are created when meat is cooked. Some chemicals create the smells and tastes that have made hamburgers a dietary staple for many Americans.

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But cancer-causing chemicals called heterocyclic amines also are produced that can be harmful when consumed. Other studies by food toxicologists have determined that as much as 30 percent of known cancers may be related to foods we consume. The researchers experimented with various pan temperatures and concurred that any cooking heat above degrees is a wasted effort.

In previous research, the team published advice on avoiding cancer-causing chemicals by marinating chicken. Now, she says, her family suffers from such ailments as kidney failure and seizures. District Court Judge Susan Illston in a Monday hearing for residents to air their concerns and questions. About residents of the 5,person town claim they suffer from pollution-related ailments.

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A court settlement last year between the city and Whitman Corp. According to the agreement, only insurance money can be used for that fund. If the court decides in favor of Whitman, the insurance money left over after Whitman is reimbursed for its expenses — including cleanup of the site — will pay for the residents to be screened to see if they were exposed to toxins that made them sick. The settlement also required Whitman to set up two other funds to compensate for damages to natural resources and the city, and to monitor the site into the future.

Both of those funds are empty. Meanwhile, Whitman and the insurance companies haggle in court. Few deny that Remco, which made hydraulics equipment for the U.

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Department of Defense, polluted the ground with chromium 6 and other chemicals at its 3. But residents and the company differ on the extent and effect of the pollution. The site was investigated by the U.

Northern District of California, cand-3:2015-cv-02150

Environmental Protection Agency in the s as a Superfund site, but it has not made the national priorities list. They settled in , but the settlement was amended last year to set up an annual fund from Whitman for cleanup. People who live near the contaminated sites and say the pollution made them sick have to prove the chemicals moved from the sites toward them in concentrations that could cause their illnesses. The illnesses also have to be the kind people could get from the chemicals.

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That has yet to be done, said David Drell of the Willits Environmental Center established by local citizens. Santa Cruz resident Leslie Hernandez believes the pollution killed her 5-year-old son in , after he played in a nearby creek while the family visited the city. Brockovich is the law clerk made famous in a movie named after her. About residents have sued, said Bill Simpich, one of the attorneys representing them, and another people are expected to sue. Illston took the unusual step of leaving her San Francisco courtroom Monday to take a tour of the Remco plant to listen to residents.

For two hours, she heard resident after resident tell her about waterways that ran yellow with pollution, about waiting when they were children for a truck from Remco to dump what they now believe was polluted water so they could play in it, and about a host of sicknesses they think resulted from this exposure, such as cancer, reproductive problems and migraines.

Marilyn Underwood, a toxicologist with the state health department, which is assessing the site, urged Illston to put the medical monitoring fund at the top of her list. Barbara Guibard, who represents Whitman, said the company is focusing on cleaning up the site. Marvin Hansard, who lives across the street from the site, said he never had any problems with the company in the 28 years he has lived there.

Floyd Brandt, principal for the past 10 years of Baechtel Grove School across the street from Remco, said he has never heard complaints from students and has not experienced any problems with Remco. Whitman has set up a court-mandated trust to clean up the site. However, that money is just for cleanup.

In the future, the amount of money Whitman allocates for cleanup will be negotiated each year, based on need, Guibard said. Illston will consider the comments given at the hearing before deciding how the company and the city should continue with their agreement. The next hearing is set for Nov.

The poll, published Thursday, found that 58 percent of those surveyed supported the death penalty, down from 78 percent in It also found that 44 percent of residents opposed a moratorium, while 42 percent supported one. The findings come at a time of intensifying national scrutiny of capital punishment and the decline is in line with similar trends in other polls.

In March, a Gallup poll found that 66 percent of Americans back the death penalty, a year low. The Times Poll found that opposition to the death penalty in California was strongest among blacks, with 49 percent disapproving and 42 percent approving. Support was strongest among whites, with 66 percent approving and only 30 percent disapproving.

Texas has executed people — more than any other state — since the Supreme Court permitted the reinstatement of capital punishment in Experts also believe the findings reflect the growing concern over how the death penalty is administered and the widespread publicity about wrongful convictions around the country — including 13 in Illinois in recent years. The Times poll surveyed 1, California adults from Oct.

The slain actor was mourned Wednesday night by some people, including friends and family members, who took part in a Buddhist memorial ceremony at the Los Angeles Friendship Center. Critics question whether the officer overreacted because Lee was black — even though the officer was, too. Simpson double-murder case, in which Det. Mark Fuhrman was discredited by taped interviews of him repeatedly using a racial slur. The ongoing Rampart police corruption probe, however, shows that many of the key officers accused of brutalizing and framing suspects in largely black and Hispanic neighborhoods are themselves black or Hispanic.

Inherent racism within the culture and structure of the LAPD may influence nonwhite officers to distrust or repudiate people of their own race, said Ramona Ripston, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California.

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Joey Johnson, an anti-police brutality activist with the Stolen Lives Project, a catalog of victims of police shootings, said he believes the officer was mostly frightened of Lee because he was black. Lee and three other guests were standing in a brightly lighted back bedroom of a mansion in the affluent Benedict Canyon neighborhood of Los Angeles when Officer Tarriel Hopper and a female officer, responding to a noise complaint, arrived to quiet the party.

The actor held a realistic replica of an Israeli-made semiautomatic handgun as part of his costume. Although Lee brought a rubber devil Halloween mask to the party, he was not wearing it when he was shot, witnesses said. Hopper told investigators that Lee looked at him and pointed the fake weapon toward the window.