Personality traits of aries horoscope

No matter how dire the straits of a situation may be, you can definitely count on an Aries when the chips are down.

The Aries Woman: 10 Personality Traits

It may seem strange in the face of all their feistiness, but an Aries is very romantic. In fact, they love being in love and they are not averse to partnering up with someone for a lifetime. If it was up to an Aries, people would always meet their one true love and ride off with them into the sunset. When it comes to body parts, the head and face are an Aries most sensitive erogenous zones.

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If you want to spark an Aries passion take their face in your hands, look them in the eye and passionately kiss them. It's almost impossible not to smile in the face of an Aries' optimistic outlook on life. An Aries is enthusiastic and up for just about anything. Even better is the fact that they're sexy and passionate. An Aries doesn't even try to hide their feelings. If an Aries tells you they love you, you can believe what they are saying.

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  6. Aries Traits.
  7. As romantic as an Aries is if someone dumps them they tend to move on very quickly. It's rare that they'll mop long about an ex.

    1. They are hot-headed.

    They will always have the last word. Just like with everything else in their lives, they will forever be the winner in any argument.

    21 Personality Secrets of Aries Zodiac Sign

    Aries aren't afraid to show determination in every aspect of their lives, so don't be surprised when you find that an Aries is just as passionate about what they do in their free time as they are in the boardroom. Aries are fiercely independent.

    Aries Love and Sex

    They have no problem whatsoever carving their own path and not looking back to see if anyone's following, though they'll often have many followers since their personalities are so captivating and their excitement is contagious. Aries make excellent friends.

    They protect the ones they care for and their tenacity for life serves as an inspiration, encouraging others to live life to the fullest. As you might guess, Aries can't stand taking orders from anyone. They prefer to be the one who always gives the orders, which can result in them getting moody if they can't get their way. It won't last long though, as an Aries will somehow find a way to turn things in their favor. Because an Aries is a fire sign, they're known for their independence and unrivaled vigor. They need someone who can keep up with them and give them the passion they so desperately require, but they also want someone who will respect their freedom.

    This is why a Gemini is the ultimate astrological match for an Aries when it comes to relationships. Much like Aries, Geminis love a good romance as long as it promises to be exciting and different.

    Aries Sign Dates & Traits

    Neither sign is shy when it comes to indulging in their wildest fantasies, which means time in the bedroom is sure to never be dull or boring, and that's exactly what an Aries is looking for. Gemini is always up for a good challenge and will never fail to throw a few surprises towards their beloved Aries, which only makes that passionate Aries crave them even more. However if you betray or back-stab them they can be quick to change their tune and they wont hesitate to give you a dose of your own medicine. Aries are well known for their competitive characteristics and for good reason too.

    Aries may be a strong creature but they can be quite sensitive when it comes to matters of the heart. When an Aries is Angry basically everyone around them will know about it. They are not very good at hiding their frustration and can explode out of nowhere turning into a ranting, raving maniac. They go out and make their own luck.