Gemini weekly horoscope for january 27 2020

But the eighth house also rules deeper realms: metaphysics, spirituality and not mere physical bonding but soul-merging! While el Sol might be satisfied with some superficial yet HOT sensual connection, Saturn will not settle for a booty call or fall fling. Remember to breathe!

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

In another day, you should have a clearer vision of what you want. In a LTR?


This is a perfect moment to examine any resistance you're feeling to your partner and to discuss unmet needs, including those that belong in the fantasy realm. And if you can't discuss it with them, you might have bigger issues to tackle.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 14 - 20 October, 12222

Hit pause on your go-go lifestyle long enough to take care of an urgent matter you keep letting slip to the bottom of your priority list: YOU! On Tuesday, beautifying Venus swings into Scorpio and your sixth house of health and self-care, service and organization until November 1.

Just clear the decks for some massage or other bodywork, catch up on procrastinated medical appointments and tackle any major home-improvement projects. It is also your source of inspiration on how astrology impacts your life and compatibilities with those around. What's your birthday?

The Week Ahead for Gemini

Tell us your birthday and we will reveal your zodiac sign! Check Your Special Horoscope.

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