January 14 blue moon astrology

Eclipse season is here, folks, and we've got another one taking place alongside the upcoming full moon. The January full moon is rising in the gregarious and confident sign of Leo on Jan. The sun enters Aquarius just hours before this luminary rises in its full Leo glory — and because Leo is all about fiery self-expression while Aquarius leans more toward focusing on the collective with a cool, objective air, we'll need to balance these themes during this moon. It's bound to be a zinger, and we're all going to be analyzing the lunar-ruled parts of ourselves, which include our inner feelings, deepest relationships, and comfort zones.

Moon Phases for Perth, 4 Nov 12222 – 26 Nov 12222

Is that so much to ask? Honestly, every now and then we all fall apart, and it may just happen during this upcoming luminary. But that's fine! Fall apart!

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Be a puddle on the floor! Evaporate into the ether!

January 31 is 1st of 2 Blue Moons in | Sky Archive | EarthSky

You'll be fine — the key is to allow yourself to be flexible and malleable, and not get too attached to any single decision, situation, or outcome. Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust , who shares, "This lunar eclipse falls in the sign of Leo, creating passionate decisions on how we can move forward to attain our truest and highest visions of ourselves. The moon will be eclipsed, yes, so the road ahead may still be hazy, but you should take advantage of the ability you'll have to tap into fresh points of view and be free-flowing. But a quick word of advice: Beware of shiny objects.

You're likely to be both tempted and easily distracted by all that glitters — but just because it glitters doesn't mean it's gold, sweetheart. With this moon square Uranus, you might start feeling super bored in your routines and relationships.

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Acknowledging this restlessness is good, and while it may require you to take action down the road, doing so impulsively during this luminary isn't necessary. Just allow yourself to see the many roads in front of you and focus on being your best self. Greg Hogan in Kathleen, Georgia, created the composite image at top of a Blue Moon blue in name only!

He wrote:. Having some fun with the blue moon idea……I blended the same image twice one with a blue tint, and one normal.

When Is the Next Blue Moon?

This year, , we have two months January and March with Blue Moons. They are Blue Moons by the monthly definition of the term: the second of two full moons to fall within a single calendar month. The first Blue Moon comes on January 31, , and the second on March 31, Meanwhile, the month of February has no full moon at all. Although the full moon happens at the same instant worldwide, the hour differs by time zone.

At North American and U. AST a. EST a. CST a. MST a.

PST a. AKST a. The January 31, , Blue Moon will undergo an eclipse.

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But — by the time that you read this post — the full moon instant and the total eclipse of the moon might already have passed. The moon constantly moves eastward in front of the backdrop stars. How often do we have a Blue Moon? But — as is the case in — how often do we have two Blue Moons in a single year? The Metonic cycle is a period of 19 calendar years lunar months , after which the new and full moons realign on or near the same dates of the year. There are full moons lunar months yet only calendar months in the year Metonic cycle. March 31, 2.

Chinese Calendar

October 31, 3. August 31, 4. May 31, 5. December 31, 6.

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September 30, 7. July 31, 8. January 31, Moreover, the year Metonic cycle assures us that seven of 19 years will also feature a seasonal Blue Moon — third of four full moons to occur in one season. Season is defined as the time period between a solstice and an equinox — or vice versa.

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