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For example, your south node is Virgo and their north node is Virgo. If you combine your natural skills, you can be unstoppable.

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A huge influence who we learned so much from, Spiller passed away July We are forever grateful for what we learned about the nodes from her writing. Art via Tumblr. Get the Horoscope Guide! October Monthly Horoscope: War and Peace?

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Listen: Your October Numerology Forecast. So when you think of your destiny, do not forget to look into the reservoir of your good and the bad Karmas. Namaste, Thank you for your query. Please find the link to talk to one of our senior Astrologer online for your current issues, they will analyze your birth chart and provide remedies as a solution to overcome from your problem.

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Previous Next. Please tell me about my past life. You have done many The Moon in 9th research in this field.

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Your death has been occurred while involving in this sectors. Moreover you died at middle age and have manipulated some people nearby you. I may know my past life but want to be a bit more sure about it so here are datas from me.

Hi, Thanks for writing this article. I want to know about my past life deeds. So pls kindly tell me about this. Respected sir , I want to know about my past life from my kundli, Name:nidhi,dob Going through lot of I handled family issues last 2 years, have took a strong stand. Hello, I am facing a particularly difficult life. Please guide me about my past life karma. I wonder if you have time to do a quick analysis of my birth chart? Oops, I forgot to tell my birth city - it is the capital of my country. Begins with T.

Dear Andre, Please seek the divine help of Nadi Astrology. The predictions are given by Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

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We request you to please visit the below link to know more information on Nadi Astrology and order the same online. You can send us your thumb impression for male — right hand thumb and female — Left hand thumb duly scanned 5 to 6 impressions to us through e-mail. Dear Selvakumar, Please seek the divine help of Nadi Astrology. Hi, Would like to know about my past life. Please find the details below. Hello Sir i would like to know my past life ,would like to meet in person for the same, kindly share details on mail. Hi I need to know about my past life and also its effects in present life, my details as below 22jan, pm pune.

In my personal insights, I have been able to trace back peoples past life to some degree.

Ask Charla: 3 Ways to Discover Your Past Lives

I have been successful at connecting the past with the present and understanding, the root of certain situations, their cause and effect! Now, there are certain planets in astrology that give the clues to past life deeds. Of course, your main birth chart — D1, and a divisional chart known as Shastyamsa or the D60 chart… offer major clues to past life; but some planets like Ketu, Saturn and Rahu also Moon…provide major clues. Whether or not you discharged your professional, your human and relationship duties with sincerity and diligence! Whether or not you lived lawfully, righteously and judiciously!

I have found people with good Saturn, doing very well in business, career and matters regarding wealth.

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As remember, Saturn for everyone is the original ruler of the 10th house of work and the 11th house of wealth and gains. People with a well-placed Saturn, have also been found to be the givers in society; people who do massive charity. These people are usually quite law abiding and fair in their dealings. However, should your Saturn be weak or ill placed, then it shows the opposite of the good qualities mentioned above and rest assured, the areas where people with a well placed Saturn — flourish, is where a weak Saturn will give the greatest hurdles, limitations and challenges in this lifetime!